HDF History – 2008

Under HDF Economic Development Program, a new initiative of Joint Ventures with Individuals started.
2 new schools buildings constructed by HDF, total became 3.
In a strategic planning meeting, 3 new goals under institutional development were adopted by HDF other than 8 program related goals.
In Annual General Meeting held on April 15, 2008 following 10 contestants stand elected against 10 number of Directors fixed by the Board for a term of next 3 years i.e. up to April 2011.
1.         Dr. Muhammad Khalid Riaz
2.         Dr. Shahnaz Khan
3.         Dr. Atiya Khan
4.         Dr. Abrar Ali Syed
5.         Lt General (Retd) Muhammad Maqbool
6.         Dr. Sameeh Javed Khan
7.         Mrs. Qaisera Mukhtar Alvi
8.         Dr. Tahira Zafar Hamdani
9.         Air Marshall (Retd) Riazuddin Shaikh
10.       Mr. Javed Khan
General Members were 19 at that time.