ZHOB: Hundreds of needy and deserving families received ration bags containing essential food items amid the prevailing lockdown in the province here in different rural parts of the district.

HDF team in the supervision of Team Leader HDF Naeem Gul Mandokhail, distributed rations among needy and daily-wage workers, who have been rendered jobless in the wake of the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“The team distributed ration among 350 deserving families in this time of trial in different villages including Takkei, Sangay Ghar, Hussainzai, Sheikhan, Wyala and Deragei. The ration packages contained flour, ghee, sugar, tea, rice, pulses and rice.

“We will defeat coronavirus at every cost as the morale of nation is high against Covid-19 pandemic. Ration packages distributed fairly without any discrimination,” adding it was HDF prime priority to support those who were deprived of any assistance and support them during the lockdown.

Human Development Foundation has been struggling for over a decade for social mobilization, health, education and for the improvement of peoples’ living standards in the poverty-stricken parts of the country.

BEGGERS: As Eid is just around the corner, the beggars having a roaring business mostly women and children adopting different tactics are seen roaming in the streets of the city. The beggars cause inconvenience to people visiting bazaars for Eid shopping. They can be seen roaming freely and minting money in all parts of the city despite lockdown, but effective action against them is yet to be taken. Beggar women carrying infants in their laps, aged men and children exhibiting different disabilities to win people’s sympathies and get alms from dawn to dusk in the city.

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