HDF Provided 150 Wheelchairs to Differently-Abled People in AJK To Restore the Smiles of Earthquake Survivors in Bagh, AJK

On 15th commemoration of the devastating earthquake of October 2005, HDF committed to restore the smiles of earthquake survivors in AJK by providing 150 wheelchairs to the differently-abled deserving individuals. HDF distributed wheelchairs in Bagh, Neelum, Lipa Valley and other areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) with support of Muslim communities of Denmark through Danish Muslim Aid (DM-Aid). The wheelchair distribution ceremony held on 6th January 2022 was attended by Mr. Suhail Awan, CEO HDF, Brigadier Sajid, Brigade Commander 6AK Brigade Bagh, and Mr. Abdul Wahid, Director Social Welfare Department.

District Bagh is one of the most disaster-prone areas of AJK. 8 October 2005 was a tragic day in the history of Pakistan as, more than 75000 people lost their lives and a large number of people got disabled for life. There are families still recuperating with their loved ones in disability in AJK. People are bound to their spaces and unable to move, and are dependent on their family members. Wheelchair provision will not only reduce their need of caregiver assistance but will have long term impact in the form of communicative, social and cognitive development.