HDF plans to plant 5000 Saplings for Tree Plantation Campaign 2022in Zhob, Balochistan

HDF through its sustainable environment program is working to preserve the ecosystem and create a healthy environment by providing clean drinking water, better sanitation facilities, and increase in forest cover. HDF aims to off-set carbon emissions and reduce impact of climate change on vulnerable communities through plantation. To achieve this objective, HDF is working closely with the provincial and district governments to achieve the national priorities and targets, In 2020, HDF Zhob planted 3000 plants sapling in different villages of the districts with high level of community engagement. For the year 2022, HDF Zhob has received the permission from Deputy Commissioner Zhob to plant 5,000 more trees in HDF’s program areas in collaboration with the Government of Balochistan. This tree plantation campaign will start from March 1st, 2022.