A Youth Training Center Imparting Employable Future Skills to the Youth of Mardan

CEO HDF, Mr. Suhail Awan inaugurated the newly launched Human Development Institute of Future Skills in Mardan on January 21st, 2022. HDI of Future Skills will be a state-of-the-art training facility which will offer multiple stream of skills training to the youth of Mardan as well as co-working space to the graduates of these trainings. In its initial phase, the center is providing training in Amazon Virtual Assistant in collaboration with POA solutions. In his address, Mr. Suhail Awan shared that the vision behind the establishment of the center is to impart employable future skills to prepare the youth for a better tomorrow. Empowered youth equipped with marketable skills can not only uplift themselves and their family’s wellbeing but can also positively impact society and economy at large. HDI of future skills will also provide scholarships to the deserving students, so that mere lack of financial resources will not stop anyone from moving forward.