More Than 2.5 Lacs Disbursed Among Fourty Deserving High-Achievers under Various Scholarships

Ensuring Inclusive & Equitable Access to Quality Education and Allowing Greater Educational Mobility Among Low-Income Families

For so many bright students across Pakistan, the availability of funds to continue their education has always been a major challenge. HDF, since its inception, has considered education as one of its primary goals, and in that regard, several scholarships have been offered to deserving students with outstanding academic performance across program areas under HDF’s Education & Literacy program. These scholarships have proved to be accelerating the number of students finishing their primary and secondary education, reduce out-of-school students and drop-outs, while helping us meet the Sustainable Development Goal #4 of Quality Education.

Three scholarship distribution ceremonies were held in the months of April and May whereby an amount of PKR 259,500 was disbursed among fourty deserving high-achievers of HDF Primary and Secondary Schools, with special emphasis on girls and orphans. These social scholarships are available for industrious students from disadvantaged families, with low income or with medical and social problems, in order to secure a minimum standard of living. The geographical spread of these scholarships covered three regions of HDF including Muzaffarabad, Rahim Yar Khan & Mardan. These scholarships served as an incentive for students to become more productive, informed and contributing citizens, resulting in improved health, increased civic participation, reduced crime, and incarceration levels.