Basti Rahim De Wahi is a small village, 7-8km away from Rahim Yar Khan city, with the population of approximately 2,751. This Basti started facing the challenge of clean drinking water after establishment of a sewage treatment plant for Rahim Yar Khan city, nearby Basti Rahim De Wahi. People started feeling odor and change of color in ground water. When problem escalated and it became unbearable, Village Development Organization (VDO) – Kehkashan – approached HDF team for water interventions.

HDF team along with VDO and community decided to install water filtration plant for clean drinking water, after survey. A water filtration plant of 5000 gallon capacity was installed, relieving the residents. March 31st, 2018 proved a day when people of community gathered around filtration plant, kids danced jubilantly.

To encourage women participation, Farzana Shabbir was trained for operating filtration plant on voluntarily basis. Today, community is managing the filtration plant and enjoying clean drinking water.

Our children were exposed to harmful environment but now we are happy that not only our kids but kids from neighbor village are getting benefit from filtration plant.


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