Iqra (which means to read) was born in straw hut in a village where traditionally girls were not allowed to go to school. Growing up, Iqra constantly yearned to read and write and after much persistence, finally convinced her parents to let her attend the local primary school established by HDF. Later, applying the same tenacity and strength of character, Iqra left her village to attend college in the nearby city of Tando Muhammad Khan, and then successfully completed her M.Sc. in Mathematics from Sindh University, Jam Shoro.

After graduating from university, Iqra returned to her village equipped with a degree, and passion to teach young boys and girls. Iqra knew that she was needed there and wanted to make the path to learning an easier one for others. She joined the HDF Secondary School in the nearby village of Kapoor Moree, where she now teaches mathematics.

Iqra is grateful for HDF’s impact in every aspect of her life. With her livelihood as a teacher, she can now afford to send her two brothers to university to study engineering.

It is crystal clear HDF is living up to its promise of quality education. It is changing the mindset of our children and giving them hope and skills to follow their dreams. Previously, our children were not motivated and did not even go to school but now they are performing exceptionally well.

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