Naila was 20 when she got married to Qaiser. They live in village Pind Mistarian where HDF has a primary healthcare facility offering reproductive health services since 2002. Naila conceived soon after her marriage, but due to malnourishment, she miscarried. Shortly after, Naila conceived but miscarried again. The two miscarriages within the first year of her marriage took a toll on Naila’s physical and mental health.

During routine door-to-door visits of HDF’s Community Health Workers (CHWs) in the village, Naila shared her plight. The CHW immediately registered Naila for HDF’s Preventive Healthcare Program and referred her to the Community Health Centre (CHC). After examination, the doctor prescribed Naila medicines and told her what to eat to bring her health back. The doctor also consoled her emotionally and psychologically and gave her hope that her dream of becoming a mother would indeed become a reality.

Naila dutifully followed the HDF doctor’s advice, ate well, and stayed hopeful. Soon she was pregnant again. The HDF health staff checked on Naila frequently throughout her pregnancy. Regular counselling sessions helped her and her family to deal with the fear of abortion. Naila carried the baby to full term and gave birth to a healthy boy. She along with her husband and family are extremely grateful to the HDF health team who stood by her in such a difficult time and with their support is now enjoying this bundle of joy.

All women and girls need and have the right to comprehensive, essential and lifesaving health services.

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