The Human Development Foundation launched a country wide awareness campaign, “Umeed Say Aagay: Moving Past Hope“, on April 24, 2018 in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Planning Development and Reform. The campaign is aligned with Pakistan Vision 2025 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The campaign goal is:
“To significantly improve the nutritional status of all women of childbearing age and ensure that no child is born underweight, suffer from stunting, wasting or any preventable causes of mortality especially malnutrition in the first 1000 days”.
The campaign launch event was a significant success. Networking with development sector stakeholders has positioned HDF Pakistan for strategic engagements with multiple stakeholders especially the government and media. The interested garnered by the media coverage of Umeed Say Saagay has expanded HDF Pakistan outreach. This reflects in improving trends of our online following and viewership on the social media that has been heartening.
The Pakistani parliament has adopted the SDGs as a national development agenda. Pakistan has also been the first country to set up a parliamentary secretariat and task force. Federal Minister of State for information and Broadcasting Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb chairs this parliamentary task Force. She was chief guest at the Umeed Say Aagay launch ceremony for HDF Pakistan maintains a close liaison with her and other stakeholders to pursue shared objectives.
Speaking at the Umeed Say Aagay launch ceremony, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb repeatedly called for collective efforts to achieve targets of Sustainable Development Goals. Madame Minister held media had a vital role to play in successful implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs).She has said that only a healthy society can help to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and lauded the HDF work with its partners communities in successfully saving lives and brining the IMR and MMR rates substantially down.
HDF Pakistan has achieved some phenomenal success in saving lives. Infant Mortality Rate for Pakistan as a whole is 67/1000 but in our eight regions across the four provinces and AJK it is 27/1000 which speaks volumes for its model of mother and child wellness implemented with our partner communities. However, the purpose of our collaboration is not organizational branding but saving lives and helping the country realize its SDG targets.
“Umeed Say Aagay” is ambitious for public good. HDF Pakistan understands working together hand in hand with all stakeholders is crucial. The campaign for mother and child wellness in the first 1000 days is gaining momentum. HDF Pakistan is working to positively influence beliefs, behaviors, capacities and systems, relevant policies and practices.
We are sustaining our momentum for enhanced visibility of our work in the field synthesized in the HDF model for mother and child wellness. Our highly focused holistic approach in our partner villages speaks for itself. However, there is a lot more to be done. Our organizational ethos is to pursue excellence, makes “good” the enemy of the “best” for HDF Pakistan!


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