Empowering Youth, Shaping Futures


Are you aware of the pressing challenges faced by individuals seeking better economic opportunities abroad? It’s time to shed light on the dangerous paths many take, as they embark on perilous journeys, often risking their lives in search of a brighter future.

Pakistan’s high unemployment and extreme poverty have led to a surge in crime rates and illegal migration of our underprivileged youth. Just recently, over 300 Pakistani nationals lost their lives in the sinking of an overcrowded boat off the coast of Greece. This tragic incident is only a glimpse of the dangers faced during these journeys.

In 2022, approximately 19,000 Pakistanis attempted to migrate to Europe through illegal routes.

The alarming issue of illegal migration from Pakistan to Europe has evolved into a full-blown humanitarian crisis that needs our attention!

Factors Driving Illegal Migrations

Economic Hardships
Political Instability
Security Concerns
Increased Unemployability
Involvement of Human Trafficking Networks

Together, HDF and NLC’s Applied Technical and Vocational Training Institutes (ATINS) are on a mission to empower unemployed youth and secure their future. By providing access to meaningful skills and life-changing opportunities, they are tackling the root causes of unemployment. Join us in supporting this inspiring initiative.

Our 3-year Joint Diploma Program is designed to equip aspiring youth with the knowledge and expertise they need to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Through a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on training, we are nurturing a new generation of skilled professionals who will shape the future.

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