THANKS Scholarship is an initiative born from the hearts of Pakistani Alumni residing in the U.S. who wanted to extend their sincere appreciation to their homeland by offering a lifeline to deserving and promising students. They firmly believe that no talented individual should be held back from realizing their academic aspirations due to financial constraints.

Through the selfless generosity of countless donors, THANKS Scholarships have become a testament to the power of unity and compassion. These benevolent contributions not only inspire and encourage students, but they also provide them with the essential means to embark on their educational journeys with confidence. The impact of these scholarships extends far beyond financial assistance; they ignite a passion for knowledge and open doors to limitless opportunities for future progress.

Scholarships Disbursed Rs
Educational Institutes
Benefactors Donated
Thanks Scholarship Awarded


HDF School, Eno Bhatti

Primary and High School Students

Scholarship: Hafeez Scholarships

Donor: Naseem Hafeez

Middle Grade Students

Scholarship: ‘Honoring My Mother’

Donors: Naseem and Jawed Hafeez


Muslim Model School

Middle School Students

Scholarship: Riaz Lone Scholarship

Donor: Riaz Lone


HDF School, Karolwar

Primary School Students

Scholarship: Ghazanfar Sheikh Scholarships

Donor: Ghazanfar Sheikh


SOS School, Revenue Housing Society, Block A, Johar Town

Students of SOS

Scholarship: Anwar Begum Amjad Scholarships

Donor: The Family of Anwar Begum


Punjab University

Master Program in Psychology Department

Scholarship: Professor Alvi Scholarships

Donor: Azra Qureshi


Fatima Jinnah Medical University

For Medical students

Scholarship: Zeenat Anwar Scholarships

Donor: Zeenat Anwar


 Nishtar Medical college

For Medical students

Scholarship: Shugufta Chowhan Scholarship

Donor: Shugufta Chowhan

Scholarship: Musarrat Shaheen Scholarships

Donor: Musarrat Shaheen

HDF School Eno Bhatti

Teacher award

Scholarship: Hafeez

Donor Naseem Hafeez.

Muslim Model School

High class students

Scholarship: Riaz Lone

Donor Riaz Lone.

HDF School Karol War

Middle school students

Scholarship: Ghazanfar Sheikh

Donor Ghazanfar Sheikh.


Govt. Primary School for Girls and Boys, Chak # 297 JB

Girls and Boys of Primary and Middle Grades

Scholarship: Rehman and Rani Rehman Scholarship

Donors: Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary

Government College

Most Promising Student

Scholarship: Bashir, Chaudhary

Donors: Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary

Boys primary school#2 Chaak#297 JB

Boys Primary School

Donor Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary.

Scholarship: Rehman Scholarship.


Teacher Award at Chak 297 Gojra

Scholarship: Rehman Scholarship

Donor Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhry


B.S.C Biochemistry and M.S.C Biochemistry


Donor Abdul Hamid Sheikh

HDF School, Muslimabad

Primary Level Students

Scholarships: TIE Scholarships

Donor: Paul Fischer and Iqbal Khan

Higher Secondary Students.

Scholarship: Chowhan Scholarships

Donors: Chowhan and Shagufta

Middle Level Deserving Students

Scholarship: ISA Scholarship

Donor: ISA

 Karachi Public School

Secondary Level Students

Scholarship: Sabeeka Sheikh Scholarships

Donor: KE_1


HDF School

High School Girls

Scholarship: Zeenat Anwar Scholarship

Donor: Zeenat Anwar


Govt. School, Mustafabad, Soon Valley

Respective Deserving Students Each Year

Scholarship: Khalid Riaz Scholarship

Donor: Khalid Riaz

Govt. School, Soon Valley Khushab

For Primary and Middle level students

Scholarship: Khalid Riaz Scholarship

Donor: Khalid Riaz


TCF School, Ghazi Minara (Campus1 , Campus 2)

Primary and middle Grade Students

Scholarship: Choudhary Scholarship

Scholarship: Shahid Scholarship

Donor: Shahid Chaudhary

Rahim Yar Khan

Iqra School, Sadiq Abad

Primary School Students

Scholarship: Rasool Bibi Scholarship

Donor: Saeed Bajwa

Al Kuliatul Islamia Girl School

Girls pursuing Primary, Middle and High school Education.

Scholarship: Bajwa Scholarships.

Donor: Fakhra Bajwa


HDF School

Primary Grade students

Scholarship: Jameela Arshad Scholarships

Donor: Dr. Jameela

Middle Grade Students

Scholarship: Usmani, Shahis and Shaista Scholarships

Donor:  Shaista and Shahid Usmani.


Ghial TCF Primary School, Shakargarh

Primary Grade Students

Scholarship: Mohammad Ilyas Scholarships

Donor: Mohammad Ilyas

Scholarship: Mohammad Ilyas Scholarships

Donor: Mohammad Ilyas


Dennys High School

Middle School Students

Scholarship: Bashir Chaudhary and Nazir Shams Scholarships

Donors: Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary

Gordon College

For Deserving Collegiate Students

Scholarship: Makhdoom Hussain Chaudhry Scholarship

Donor: Ayaz Chaudhary

Government Higher Secondary School, Choha Khalsa

Higher Secondary Level Students

Scholarship: Basit Shah Scholarships

Donor: Basit Shah


Government High School, Marusipur

Students of Middle and Secondary schools

Scholarship: Sarwar Scholarships

Donor: Mr. Sarwar


HDF Girls Secondary School, Saeedabad

Education of Girls

Scholarship: Chowhan Scholarships

Donor: Chowhan and Shagufta

Azad Jammu Kashmir

Girls’ High school, Bhimber

High level Students

Scholarship: Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhary Scholarship

Donor: Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhary


Government High School# 1

Secondary Level Students

Scholarship: Bashir Chaudhary and Nazir Shams Scholarships

Donors: Bashir and Tesneem Chaudhary


Government Post Graduate College

Collegiate Level Students

Scholarship: Zahid Dasti Scholarships

Donor: Zahid Dasti



Government College University

Deserving Students

Scholarship: Professor Shaukat A. Chaudhary Scholarships

Donors: Aisha Chaudhry

Agriculture University

Mphil level.

Scholarship: Professor Shaukat A. Chaudhary Scholarships

Donors: Aisha Chaudhry

Scholarship: Professor Shaukat A. Chaudhary Scholarships

Donor: Aisha Chaudhry

Govt. Islamia Higher secondary School RB Gatti, Faisalabad.

High level Students

Scholarship: Shafiq Zia

Donor Shafiq Zia

Agriculture university Faisalabad

Deserving student.

Scholarship: Saleem Khan

Donor Saleem Khan.


Nishtar Medical College

Medical Students.

Scholarship: Chowhan Scholarships

Donor: Shagufta Chowhan


Peshawar University

B. ED Level

Scholarship: Professor Abdul Hayyi Alawi Scholarships

Donor: Azra Qureshi

Khyber Medical College

Medical Students of Wali Khan

Scholarship: Wali Khan Scholarships

Donor: Wali Khan

Mandi Bahauddin

Government college for Women Phalia ,Mandi Bahauddin,

BS Level

Scholarship: Saleem Khan

Donor Saleem Khan

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