A Tribute to the Champion of HDF: Malik Khair Muhammad

Malik Khair Muhammad (late), a distinguished resident of village Sadiq Abad in Soon Valley, District Khushab, Punjab, left behind an enduring legacy of unwavering dedication to community service. Retiring as a District Education Officer (DEO), his influence resonated through the countless students whose lives he touched, propelling them towards success in fields such as medicine, engineering, the military, entrepreneurship, politics and social leadership. Malik Khair Muhammad’s commitment extended beyond education, as he became a pivotal force in various community development projects, earning the respect of his entire community for his adept mediation in family disputes.

When HDF established its office in the Soon Valley and embarked on climate-smart development projects, Malik Khair Muhammad provided valuable insights regarding the region’s most pressing issues. He played a crucial role in selecting the site for HDF’s Afaf Dam by venturing across the valley’s challenging terrain alongside HDF’s Area Manager, despite the difficulties posed by his advanced age.

In recognition of his unparalleled influence in his community and his dedication to positive social change, Malik Khair Muhammad was appointed as the President of the Siddique Abad Village Development Organization (VDO) by HDF. Under his astute guidance, the construction of the Afaf Dam became a resounding success, transforming it into a symbol of community resilience.

He championed HDF’s mission to empower and mobilize the communities to take control of their own development by rallying the Soon Valley residents and the necessary funds for the construction of a vital 1.5 km long track leading to Afaf Dam. This project has greatly reduced travel times for the villagers and transformed Afaf Dam into a popular scenic spot for locals and tourists alike.

HDF pays tribute to his indomitable spirit, tireless efforts and invaluable contributions to the success of climate-smart initiatives in the Soon Valley, including the Afaf Dam and the upcoming healthcare center in Naushera. His support for HDF’s mission has undeniably brought profound and positive changes to the lives of the valley’s residents.

Malik Khair Muhammad passed away on December 21, 2023 but his legacy of service and leadership will forever be etched in the hearts of those he inspired and the people he uplifted. HDF honors Malik Khair Muhammad and extends heartfelt condolences to his family and the Soon Valley community. May his soul rest in peace.