“Eyes are a precious gift from God and I might have lost mine if the Nazar 20/20 team hadn’t detected my vision problem in time. HDF has done a great service to children like me and I am immensely grateful.”

Grappling with poor eyesight since childhood, Atooba Shahzad, a 14-year-old student at the HDF Secondary School in Ainu Bhatti, Lahore, could never afford a visit to an eye specialist due to her family’s humble background. Her weakening eyesight had started affecting her studies and causing her frequent headaches until the Nazar 20/20 team, as part of HDF’s initiative, arrived at the school to conduct eye check-ups for all the students in 2019. These screenings shed light on many students suffering from vision impairment, startling the school staff, the parents and even many of the children themselves who had been unaware of these eye issues. Atooba Shahzad was among those students identified as needing immediate attention and she was provided with the necessary prescription glasses by the Nazar 20/20 team.

Today, Atooba has been given the gift of clear vision. She can now see perfectly in the classroom, read from the whiteboard and engage with her studies without any hindrance. Thanks to the timely intervention and support from HDF’s Nazar 20/20 team, Atooba has overcome her visual impairments and is leading a fulfilling life, focusing on her education and a brighter future ahead. She credits her transformation to HDF and Nazar 20/20.