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With the passion to pay back to the homeland, an indebted group of Pakistani-American visionaries came together to practically demonstrate the model of Human Development envisioned by great economist of his times, Dr. Mahbub-ul-Haq. Human Development Foundation (HDF) was founded in 1997, as a gift to Pakistan, on its 50th Independence Day. As revolutionaries with deep roots in Pakistan, they were committed to overall development and poverty eradication.

Our quest for positive social change to remote and marginalized communities remains at the forefront, and we at the foundation, work tirelessly to help the communities who are most vulnerable. Through our unique “Power of Five” model of Holistic Community Development, during the course, we have directly reached out to over 3 million people through several programs and projects across more than 7000 villages, bringing them support in health, especially awareness of infectious diseases, education, livelihood, and disaster preparedness.

Support us as we move forward in the noble mission to eradicate multi-dimensional poverty and devote ourselves to the welfare of our people.

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